West Haven Interagency Network for Children
Local System of Care

Beacon Health Options Allyson Nedeau 1-860-276-7501
Bridges Ana Reyes 203-535-9229
Caring Family Solutions Lamoara Davis 1-203-627-8734
Children's Center Elizabeth Robles 203-248-2116, ext 291
Clifford  Beers Clinic Kate Pavlik 203-933-8050, ext 3230
Communicare, Inc. Sarah Wynne 203-878-6365, ext 621
DCF Malcolm Blue 203-786-0316
DDS Jayne Gray 203-974-8410
DSS Kristin Hunter 860-424-5791
Department of Children & Families Troy Zane 203-306-5328
Family Centered Services of CT Marenid Carattini 203-624-2600, ext 232
Family Resource Center Jean Vitale 203-937-4739
FAVOR Jacquese Patterson 203-707-0740
East Haven Health Dept. Nurturing Families Network Alison Tyliszczak 203-466-1958
East Haven Health Dept. Nurturing Families Network - Father's Group Hector Velaquez 203-804-8865
NAFI Connecticut, Inc. Michelle Gage 203-773-0088
Shoreline Wellness Center Cara Powers 203-931-1184
VNA/SCC Pamela Lorenzo 203-859-6059
West Haven Adolescent Support Group Viola Waldo 203-804-5326
West Haven Autism Family Support Group Stacey Higgins 203-506-9147
West Haven Board of Education James Turcio 203-937-4333
West Haven Community House Inc. Carol James 203-934-5221, ext. 123
West Haven Head Start Dee Boyton-Carmon 203-937-5221
West Haven Mental Health Clinic Doreen Flanigan 203-974-5948
West Haven Parent Support Group Viola Waldo 203-804-5326
West Haven Spanish Support Group Rosalyn Diaz 203-710-8299
West Haven Youth & Family Services Bob Morton 203-937-3633